Marriage and Family Counseling

Marriage and Family or Couples counseling is a process through which a couple (who may be engaged, dating, married, partnered—or sometimes even parent and child or other pairings) works with a trained therapist to identify specific areas of conflict and/or aspects of their relationship they would like to change, and then develop a plan of action to improve each individual’s satisfaction and contentment.

Working with a therapist in a safe and confidential setting, couples and or families  are able to explore how their individual backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be impacting their relationship in both positive and negative ways. The therapist may assist the couple or family with addressing any immediate and pressing problems, as well as developing strategies for protecting and enhancing the long-term health and happiness of their relationship.

Is your marriage or family all that you want it to be?  Do you need insight and understanding in some area in order to be happy and to realize your goals as a couple or family?

POCS has trained marriage and family therapists available to assist you on your life journey.